Rachel Potts

Rachel Potts has been playing piano since 2007 and trumpet since 2010. She has taught music lessons since 2012 on these instruments and others to a wide range of students. Rachel received her BA in worship arts and BA in Christian ministries from Anderson University (Indiana), and she is currently pursuing a master’s degree in music therapy. She has a broad musical background as she has studied both classical and jazz music and has played in ensembles including wind ensembles, orchestras, big bands, jazz combos, brass quintets, rock bands, worship bands, and more.


Rachel is thrilled to teach music to anyone who wants to learn. Her teaching philosophy is that it is her job to help her students fall in love with learning and playing music by providing fundamental tools and techniques required to grow as a musician. The end goal is for her students to surpass Rachel’s own knowledge and ability so that they no longer require her assistance and become fully independent, thriving musicians.