John Preston 4/4 Violin 2021 1

John Preston

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This fine violin is from West Virginia make John S Preston. It is constructed with a hand carved solid spruce top and hand carved and highly flamed maple back and sides. The fingerboard, chin rest and tuning pegs are ebony. This instrument is currently outfitted with an ebony taipiece with integrated fine tuners and a bridge that is set up a bit more like those used by fiddle players. These can be replaced at a buyers request for a more traditional ebony tailpiece with individual fine tuners (if required) and fitted with a new bridge styled in a more classical profile. The strings are Pirastro Tonica.

John Preston began making violins 40 years ago. Originally from South Charleston, John spent a lot of time with the late Harold M Hayslett, a well-known violin maker also of South Charleston. John learned a great deal about the craft from Mr. Hayslett. In 2006, John founded Old World Tonewood Company where he procured, processed and sold fine spruce and figured maple for violin family instruments. All of the instruments he now makes are from that wood which he cut with his partner in Rasnov, Romania. Most of John’s violins are based on outlines of the great 18th Century Italian violinmaker Giuseppe “del Gesu” Guarneri, but he also is inspired by the work of Nicola Amati. The varnish he uses is a traditional translucent red-brown oil varnish, made by his friend and violin-maker Eugene Holtier. John’s instruments are made entirely by hand in the traditional manner, with very little use of power tools. John currently resides in Lewisburg, West Virginia.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this fine violin.