Vega Vegavox III Tenor Banjo – 1931

Vega Vegavox 1


Product Description

Vega 1931 Vegavox III tenor banjo. This banjo is in quite remarkable condition for its age and is a beautiful instrument. The resonator sides have a diamond pattern in the celluloid(?) and a wood pie back which has checked with age. The neck features a carved heal with a small inlay on the heal plate, and five piece construction with back strap from the head stock to the fourth fret. The head stock has wonderful etched inlay with the Vega logo in a star near the top and Vegavox III etched in the inlay near the center. The back of the head stock has an etched inlaid flower. The tuners are Grover. The rosewood fingerboard is inlaid at the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th, 15th, 17th and 19th positions and the frets are in excellent condition. Some of the gold plated hardware does show some wear, particularly on the tailpiece, arm rest and mute, but is in otherwise very good condition. There is also a bit of wear on the rim near the arm rest and the back of the neck of the neck. Upon inspection of the interior of the banjo it appears it is still sporting the original calfskin head. The mute is still in fine working order. Included in the price is what appears to be the original hard shell case, which is in very good condition for the age.

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Additional Information

Dimensions 47 x 28 x 9 in