Ludwig 1968 Silver Sparkle Drum Set

Ludwig Silver Sparkle 2


Product Description

Ludwig 1968 Silver Sparkle Drum Set. This great Ludwig kit is actually made up of two separate sets. Drums included here are as follows: two 14 x 22 bass drums, two 8 x 12 toms, two 9 x 13, one 16 x 16 floor tom, one 5 x 14 snare drum. The shells on these drums are in good condition and all but one of the 9 x 13 toms have a white painted interior (1968 is when Ludwig switched from a white interior to a clear lacquer on their shells. The snare drum does not appear to have seen much, if any, use at all and is in excellent condition. Several of the drums are missing some hardware and heads. Also included with the price are fiber cases for the drums.

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