Orchestra Instrument Leasing

Leasing an Orchestra Instrument from Gorby’s Music


Why Lease Your String Instrument From Gorby’s?
Leasing your string instrument from Gorby’s has many advantages for you and your student:

Low monthly payments
Our lease program offers you an affordable way to get started playing in the orchestra. As long as you continually lease with us your payments stay the same.

Our program grows with your student
As students grow they need larger size instruments. We want your student to have proper fit so you can change size at any time, with no additional charge.

Payments apply to purchase
With our lease program you can apply your lease payments toward a new instrument when you are ready to purchase.*

Gorby’s Quality Service
Gorby’s has been helping musicians for over 50 years with quality service.

Lease Payments

Instrument Monthly Payment
Violin $25.00
Viola $30.00
Cello $40.00


When you lease a string instrument from Gorby’s it is ready to play. All of our instruments are checked before leaving our store and include bow, rosin and a case.

Gorby’s also offers a complete line of accessories to maintain your string instrument and keep it sounding its best. When you are ready to purchase an instrument to call your own we can help with that too. There are many makers and styles of violins, bows and cases and we are glad to help you find the perfect instrument.

*Payments can be applied to up to 30% of the retail price of a new instrument. Ask for more details.